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On February 23, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) issued two resolutions that establish the second stage of two pilot projects for priority examination of patent applications. The pilot projects are BR Priority, which includes patent applications from Brazil, with priority rights assured for national or international filings; and MPE Patents, intended for micro and small enterprises.

BPTO RESOLUTION Nº 180 establishes the second stage of the BR Priority Pilot Project. The project, which began on January 19, 2016, was valid for one year, but reached its 100-application limit in one month. At this stage, patents of invention, as well as utility models can be accepted. The BR Priority Pilot Project is limited to 120 patent applications. One of the requirements for granting priority examination is that the patent applications must have been accepted in the examination of admissibility for the entry into the national phase of PCT applications. Only one patent application per month for each applicant will be considered for the BR Priority Pilot Project.

BPTO RESOLUTION Nº 181, which establishes the second stage of the MPE Patent Pilot Project, aims to help micro and small enterprises achieve more competitiveness in their businesses. The project began on February 23, 2016, with a one-year period of duration, or until reaching the 300-application limit . This stage of the project is open to applications filed by at least one micro or small enterprise. Applications relating to processing operations, transport, mechanical engineering, lighting, heating, weapons or explosions are excluded from this project.

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