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On March 16, 2017, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office and the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) signed an agreement to establish a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot project between the two countries. The agreement was signed at the Seminar on Cooperation in Intellectual Property between Brazil and Japan, held in São Paulo, Brazil.

The goal of the PPH is to reduce the patent examination time. Under a Patent Prosecution Highway, an examiner of a country may have access to an international search performed by an examiner from another country, using it to support its own work.

The pilot stage of the Brazil-Japan PPH begins on April 1st and will last two years – or up to 200 PPH applications in each country, what comes first.

The BPTO will accept patent applications related to information technology and mechanical technology (automobile-related, for example); JPO will accept applications in any technical field. Brazilians seeking patent protection in Japan will be able to use the result of the examination of the patent application from the BPTO to speed up the analysis in Japan and vice versa. The BPTO will limit the number of PPH requests by the same applicant to 6 requests each 4 months. JPO will have no limitation regarding this number.

See file: JPOpresentaionaboutPPH

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