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The Brazilian Government just signed decree no. 9,085/2017, which creates a support department for the Board of Management of Genetic Heritage (CGen). This support department will act as CGen’s executive board, which facilitates the implementation of the Biodiversity Law (no. 13.123/2015) to be effectively implemented. This decree will be effective as of July 27, 2017.

CGen is a public entity responsible for coordinating and managing access to national genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. This access will be made through the Management System of Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge (SisGen). CGen’s acting executive board is the internal department responsible for implementing, keeping and operating SisGen.

It is now believed that, with the implementation of this new department, in a short time SisGen will be up and running., This will allow companies comply with the mandatory legal requirements to access the Brazilian genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. This way, Brazil will be one step closer to sustainable development.

For additional details regarding the Brazilian Biodiversity Law, which determines ways to access Brazilian genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, as well as other aspects associated to that subject, please click here.

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Read it in PDF: Newsletter – Lei Biodiversidade 20170724

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