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On May 02, 2017, the BPTO released a new directive (Normative Instruction No. 071/2017), which establishes new procedures for software registration. The new directive will serve as a transition between the current procedure (registration on paper) and a fully electronic registration system, which is expected to be implemented in the coming months.

Under the new standards, the BPTO will only accept the technical documentation in PDF format, stored on CD or DVD. The BPTO’s website provides a guide for computer program registration requests on the “Basic Software Guide” page, as well as all necessary documentation and forms.

On the same day, the BPTO published Resolution 188/2017, which establishes new official fees for software-related services. The BPTO now provides nine Software-related services, as follows:


  • Requests for registration of a computer program (with technical documentation in optical storage – CD or DVD)
  • Change of name, business name or address
  • Ownership transfer
  • Request for withdrawal of confidentiality
  • Correction of data in the Certificate of Registration due to error by interested party
  • Waiver of registration
  • Revocation or waiver of power of attorney
  • Simple copy
  • Authenticated copy


This new structure is a product of the simplification of registration procedures by the BPTO — the adoption of the new directive is expected to allow for even more streamlined decisions.

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