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Representatives of MERCOSUR and the European Union have been conducting meetings throughout the year to strengthen their economic relations in a number of aspects, which is set to result in an economic agreement between the organizations. The BPTO has been actively participating in the meetings, as there is a chapter of the agreement that pertains to geographical indications.

The chapter of the agreement that focuses on geographical indications allows that each economic group shall submit a list of their officially recognized geographical indications. Interested parties may contest registrations on the list being approved in their jurisdictions in MERCOSUR, including in Brazil. The EU will then have the opportunity to reply, at which point the BPTO shall render a technical opinion on the subject and forward it to the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The recognition by Brazil and MERCOSUR of geographical indications granted overseas amounts to a pivotal opportunity for economic and political growth, as such registrations and the rights that they provide not only benefits the producers but also highlights the quality of products and services of a particular origin.

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