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The city of Rio de Janeiro will be observing effective holidays on certain days during the Olympic Games taking place in August, 2016. The City has taken this measure to alleviate transit congestion during peak events.

These measures, published last week in the Official Municipal Gazette, established holidays on August 5, 18 and 22, for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, the Triathlon in Copacabana and the closing of the Olympic Games, respectively.

The Rio de Janeiro office of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office – BPTO, the Federal Court – Judicial Section of Rio de Janeiro, the Federal Regional Court for the 2nd Region and the Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro will be closed on those days. Courts in other cities in Brazil will not be affected by these measures.

The Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro will operate on a part-time basis in the greater Rio de Janeiro area, from August 5-21. Except for urgent matters, during this period, all of the deadlines for this Court will be on hold until August 23.

All other deadlines will roll to the following business dates.

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